Moshi Monster Furi Coloring Pages

Yeti might be the name of a legendary monster that you already know because it is some way legendary but what about Furi? Do you know about him? Furi is actually the name of another monster that can be adopted in Moshi Monster virtual world. The reason why he and Yeti are talked here is because actually Furi looks similar to Yeti as you can see in these Moshi Monster Furi coloring pages.

moshi monster furi coloring pages
In the virtual world of Moshi Monster, Furi is described as a very loving monster. Well, it is undeniable that at a glance he looks rather scary with his fury body, which also explains about why he is called as Furi, large hands and also feet.

Away from that scary look, he is a rather cute monster in fact. This cuteness is the one that can be seen in his default facial look with a pair of round eyes and a smile that always shows his rather large front tooth.

Other than that, the same cuteness can also be found in the truth that he is a monster that loves to dance ballet.

For his personalities, Furi is actually a pet monster that can get bored rather easily. This information is certainly the one that should be paid attention to by adopters if they want their Furis to be always happy.

When he gets bored there are several things can be done to deal with that. Giving him something with bubblegum might work because bubblegum is a thing that he loves the most.

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