Zommer Moshi Monster Coloring Pages

Zombies are usually scary, creepy and of course if we really see them we have to run away or we will get eaten and finally become one of them. All of those things will never appear in Zommer because he is a really adorable zombie who lives in the virtual world of Moshi Monster. As a matter of fact, he is the cool one.

moshi monster zommer coloring pages
As seen in these Zommer coloring pages, this zombie has a face that seems to smile all the time. Even if he only has one eyeball and there are stiches all over his body, he does not look scary at all. It looks like he is the friendly zombie.

On him, there are some special features can be found. The first one is his spikey purple hair that matches the color of his skin that is also purple but lighter. There is also a kind of slime that hangs on his mouth. Instead of blood, this slime looks more like grape jelly or something like that.

In Moshi Monster world, Zommer is known to be musician, just like Poppet who is known to play on a band, and he looks very cool when playing his guitar. He will also rock his finger when he is in a happy state.

For your info, there is a kind of special moment that is rarely seen related to this monster pet. The moment is no other else but when his eye pops out from his head. It is kind of scary but I guess everyone wants to witness it.
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