Team Umizoomi Coloring Pages

At this point of time, learning about math is a thing that can be done easier by preschool kids. Moreover, the way to learn about the lesson can be so fun too, just like the one shown in a TV series that is called as Team Umizoomi. This team consists of 3 different characters. They are cute characters known as Milli, Geo, and also Bot.
team umizoomi coloring pages printable free

Milli is a very young girl in the age of 5. Her special feature is red ponytail hair and also pink apparels.

Even if Milli is still very young, she has special superpowers than can be used to face enemies or solving problem.

The types of power that she has are measure, pattern, karate, and the last is ponytail power. Other than her powers, Milli is also known to be the sister of Geo, another main character in the story.

team umizoomi coloring pages
Well, it is not very clear about who is older but it seems that Geo is the younger brother. If Milli is pink in color, Geo is blue. He also has different superpowers just like Milli. His powers are; shape splitter, super shape, magnet, and also antennae.

milli team umizoomi coloring pages
The last main character as shown in these Team Umizoomi coloring pages is Bot. He is a green robot that is also a friend of Milli and Geo. Bot has a quite large screen on his chest and he also has superpowers just like the previous main characters. Learning about math from all of these cute characters is definitely fun for preschool ages.
geo team umizoomi coloring pages
bot team umizoomi coloring pages

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